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"Prepare to be enthralled, enchanted  and enraptured. Frank's wonderful storytelling and charming characterisations are a pure delight; he brings Dickens to life beautifully. A perfect evening out for all the family" - Sophie Corless, digital media editor, Newsquest


"We were walked back into another century by Frank Kennedy who...had us all transfixed..." - Ken Rogers, Liverpool Echo


"'Dickens' entertained his audience all night with literary delight" - teafortwo.wordpress.com


"Dickens is alive and on very good form but be prepared for all your emotions to be agitated." - Clare Murphey, Simmarian Theatre Group


A captivating repertoire...clear, expressive and inventive with the props!" - Christ Church Oxton Arts Festival audience


"This excellent presentation provided an alternative window on the work of Dickens to the typical television drama and a powerful stimulus to return to the original books" - Alan Cunningham, Community Worker